Dec 9, 2010

Thoughts about Blogging

I have got the blogging blues these days – I don’t know what to post – never feel like it is good enough, or if I want to post a project and I go to look at my photos – I have forgotten to take any photos, I only have the final picture and that isn’t very helpful for a how-to post –

So because of my blogging blues I have been silent – and thinking about the purpose of my blog – do I keep it completely focused on being a craft blog or do I add too it and spice it up. I am getting sucked back into reading, and reading a new book every two days – it is tough to tear myself away from the books and I am devouring book blogging sites and losing my crafty pagan muse - - - winter is hard for me, I love to walk and be outside, but when the snow starts falling I start to hibernate – I don’t get as inspired anymore and I don’t want to abandon my blogging community – I love this – but I don’t know what to do about my slumps. Do you care about my scrapbooking? It isn’t pagan now – but maybe this winter I will finally get my Book of Shadows out of a slew of messy papers and into something nice and organized – Hmmm – that is nice idea – I am glad we could work this out together –

My artsy book of Shadows – that will be my hibernation project – happiness! I feel better now that I have a plan -


Nov 22, 2010

Hello Again

Just wanted to stop in a say a quick hello - I have been missing my blog and reading other blogs - thought I would do a quick update! I am still here - super super busy, and not likely to find time any time soon, but I keep trying and hoping to find some time.

I love the holidays, but always feel so rushed - got to see the New Harry Potter movie this weekend - yep I am a dork and I love being one! It was great! It is bitter sweet about the two part thing to me though - I am super happy they did that because I feel that it will be a more complete telling of the book (and so far so good) however it sucks that I now have until July to see the second part - but I can't wait!

So this was my quick photo free update, now it is time to catch up on about 2 weeks worth of blog reading - I will let you know when I surface again - wish me luck.


Nov 2, 2010

Personal Venting

I don't want to do whiny posts and venting posts, and I may just delete this before I post it, but depending on how the words end up - maybe I won't.

I am very sad today - quite sad in fact - I was so hopeful - the moon was full - it was October - everything about everything that I love - and again - Nothing -

I know I shouldn't worry - it took 6 months to get pregnant last time - but I guess I like getting my hopes up - the crash is a little hard - I will keep trying and not let it get to me - but today I want to be sad, and I want to cry a little. Then I will move on and feel better -

Thank you everyone for your blessings, and candles and well wishes - it will happen - and when it does it will be perfect and right and I will be ready -

Oct 29, 2010

Floating Eyeball Ice Cubes -

I didn't forget about posting my how- to's ended up with the stomach flu about mid-week and still playing catch-up.
I was having a hard time coming up with a spooky shot to have for my "Drink" with my Trick or Drink party - I decided to go with a quick cocktail since the party starts at my house and then moves on so everyone can have a drink while we wait for the guests to arrive - sit down, let me get you something to tempt you taste buds - - -
To spook it up a bit I made eyeballs -

To make these spooky eyeballs all you need are radishes and olives, with the pits -
Take a radish and cut off the bottom to make it flat, then core out a hole to stuff the olive in -
Finally peel that radish leaving some red showing through
so the eyeball looks blood shot. Stuff the olive in
then place in ice cube tray - add water and freeze -

Now I didn't have an ice cube tray that would fit the radishes nicely and I didn't want to trim them down, so I improvised - which is what everyone should do - improvising can usually make something better (especially with crafts) So I placed mine in a mini muffin pan to place in the freezer - They fit perfectly and now I have ice cube eyeballs for my cocktails!

Don't they look devilishly delightful?

Enjoy - soon to follow is the worms and cauldron how to's -
Now I do have a disclaimer - I am not a fan of radishes or olives, and as the icecube melted it did reveal a smell and taste - so this would work better in a bloody mary, where a radish and an olive would make sense in the drink.

Have a Great Halloween! Trick or Treat is coming on Sunday! I have to give my tiny town credit - no matter the day - Trick or Treat will always be on the 31st, at night - Growing up, it was always on a Sunday at 1pm - glad my daughter gets to go out at night - more fun that way -


Oct 23, 2010

Tea Party Under the Full Moon

Here is an early peak at my party preparations:
Enjoy the adventure -

The moon is just begining to to get full - only a week to go -

The leaves are starting to turn - You approach the house - it is weird to have a graveyard so close to the door -

You knock - a voice within whispers - come in -slowly you enter and look around -

You see a cluster of brooms by the door and begin to wonder where everyone is -

Speciman jars line the tables -

What is on that table over there - what could be bubbling in the cauldron

Could it be the eyeballs over that I found over here?

I think it may be a little of the snake oil, and what is bubbling in that bottle back there?

The table is set we are ready to dine - on worms?

Wait - I found a little girl - she really likes the worms -

My drink is poured -
mmm - bloody eyeball cocktail -

Lets keep the cauldron stirring and part on a sweet note -

Thank you for visiting - now to finish up for my full moon party! The recipes pictured in here will be available in the next week once I get them posted -
Thank you for visiting from Frosted Petunias - and I hope to finalize some of this once the party is over and I plan to have a follow up post or two -
Before you go I am asking for some bloggy blessings to be sent my way - With the power of full moon and the power of Halloween I am trying to get pregnant again and I have my midnight ritual planned, but I could you some blessings for success.

Oct 8, 2010

Halloween Tea Party

I would like to extend a formal invitation
(actual invitation that went out to the party guests this year)
to join me in my Full Moon Halloween Party
- the actual party post will be on Sunday for those following from Frosted Petunia's wonderful party -
thank you for joining me from there!
So grab your best hat -
put on your favorite striped socks
and join me for a most magical evening!
In the next week I will be bringing you some how-tos for some wonderfully delicious treats we will enjoy that evening!
Grab your brooms and we are off!

Oct 2, 2010

Tea Party Under the Full Moon

I have decided to join in the wonderful Tea Party going ono at Frosted Petunias beautiful blog - I will be adding my annual Trick or Drink post to her beautiful tea party all of which are happening on the full moon this year!
A most magical party - that I will now share with everyone! Thank you and I look forward to sharing this wonderful party and celebration of Halloween and the full moon with everyone!
~ bleumoon

Oct 1, 2010

Happy October!

I am so excited October is here - but I am so behind! I just wanted to say a Happy October! Hoping to post some more crafts soon!


Sep 24, 2010

Paranormal Haven Halloween Party

I can't believe that it's almost October already, my decorations are starting to come out, my crafts are winding down and the weather is getting me into my winter hobby, curling up by the fire with a good book or five. So I found out there on the inter-webs something so exciting, so unbelievably fabulous - It is so fabulous because it combines two of my favorite loves - Books and Halloween!

Starting October 1st and running through until Halloween this wonderful blog, (Paranormal Haven) which is about everything in the book world featuring the paranormal, will be holding a month long Halloween party. This sounds great, it will give me reviews and insights on authors I haven't read yet, plus giveaways throughout the month.

So come on ghouls and ghosties - it's almost the witching hour, only 6 days until the fun starts! Thanks for listening!


Sep 21, 2010

Updates on my Halloween Creations

I know I am so behind on my posts! I have been working on my tombstones, finalizing the painting, so not quite ready to post, but here are a few teaser pictures of things I have been working on to hold you over. I will explain more about the tombstones in a post dedicated to my tombstone process.

I am continuing on my paper mache cauldron, the cardboard base structure turned out better than I thought - no teaser photos yet, I want to keep the suspension up -

Finalized most of my fencing, I have to do some additional painting and then figure out how to set it up in the yard so it doesn't fall over. Our damn windy neighborhood poses a lot of problems sometimes.

I really didn't leave you faithful readers, I have been crafting and creating in my lab these last few weeks!

Happy Haunting - and have a blessed Mabon!

~ Bleumoon

Sep 7, 2010

Bittersweet Days

Oh my baby is growing up - she just got on the bus for her first day of Kindergarten. I am crying sporadically today, which is funny because she has been in daycare for three years so I send my baby off everyday.

But now it is Kindergarten, the gateway school to not being my baby anymore.
It is funny how some days she tells me that she doesn't want anymore birthdays because she wants to always be my baby. Then other days, she has already planned the next three years of birthday party's.
She was so excited for school this morning, that she was ready to go out the door 20 minutes before the bus would even show up. Try talking an excited 5 year-old into waiting inside. Didn't happen, so we were at the bus stop 20 minutes early in 25 mile per hour wind gusts.

Yet through it all she is so happy - bittersweet for me - My only daughter going to school - I would love to keep her a baby for ever. When the bus finally pulled up - such excitement! I had to beg for a hug and a kiss - she just wanted to go to big girl school.

So I am sappy today and crying at work - I am a complete mess and I should just go home. Do you think they will let me?


Sep 2, 2010

Making my decorative Broom/Besom

Well I decided to try my hand at making a not quite fully traditional besom, but at least one I have made - I have done the research, and this website seems to be the easiest to understand. However - I am not able to be that traditional (official ash stick and birch branches etc) without drawing myself out of the closet with my husband more than I want too - he is fine with little things, and won't question too much - so I keep it low key with what I do. So in the spirit of that, I compromise, and have fun, without ordering special supplies, or driving to far away places to find exactly what I need. I am making it more for me and for decoration purposes than it being a functional besom.

So I have been hiking and walking and looking and stalking for interesting
things on my solitary adventures

and adventures with my lovely little daughter

I only want to find what is laying on the ground, not something I cut down. I always say thank you and leave little offerings, I am a fan of having water with me on my walks and tend to just use that, because I know it will not hurt the earth, and so many things can use water. I also tend to have crackers and granola bars with me as well. Another simple way to give a blessing to the earth.

Anyway - back to my besom/ or broom - since it isn't for practice, I may just refer to it as a broom. I like brooms around, and you can always take a cheesy store bought one from Halloween and just jazz it up, which is easy to do at this time of the year. Michael's already has them for sale and I have already been unable to restrain myself there. . .

So with your store bought broom - a simple way to make it more yours is to decorate with ribbons and charms.

I am so in love with little keys right now

I kn
ow they don't open anything, but I always feel that they can unlock so many things in your mind - opening up your creative juices. For me they are my symbol to unlock my creative process. I have added them to my favorite talisman necklaces that I wear too - to remind me to keep my creative mind open and unlocked - how was that for a thought tangent. (by the way I usually tangent when I talk and I like to tangent when I write too)

But back to making one from what you find outdoors - or in my case some of what I found inside too
- Here is the fun lumpy bumpy stick I finally decided was broom worthy -

I then sanded off all the bark and trimmed off some the branch knots to smooth it out, and I began the fun process of adding the decorative grass from one of my decorations I currently have. My cats and daughter are constantly pulling this vase apart, and playing with the grasses, that I am redo-ing what will be displayed, so I decided to recycle the gras
s into this project.

Begin by tying small sections of the grass together with twine, and then tie the sections around the stick forgot to take some photos of the step by step process - I used a little hot glue (my best friend) just to make it stay together a little better. Viola!

Again embellish with charms and ribbons if you would like. I haven't embellished yet, but I may decorate it up a bit soon.


Now that I am winding down with my outdoor activities, I can get caught up on all I have been collecting and saving to create with - I love to use recycled goodies in my creations - I think the next few posts will be about my Halloween decorations I am creating this year - I am trying - I use the word trying very loosely - to make a cauldron with paper mache, because I don't like what I find in the stores, and I don't have the money to buy a nice one - we will see how it turns out - whether it does or doesn't I may just post the results regardless - until next time!

Blessings -


Aug 21, 2010

Second Star to the Right - - -

- - - and straight on till morning ~

I joined this adventure to remind me to play with my daughter and remember the fun of getting dirty. It has gotten me thinking about what I used to do as a child, and what my daughter has been missing out on because I am a paranoid mother and won't let her run around crazy in the yard unless I am watching. Maybe it is because she is 5 years old, and maybe it is because she isn't growing up in yard on 2 acres of land to have those adventures.

Together we finally got to do one of my most favorite activities! We played in the rain and puddles, most of rainstorms this summer have been at night and I just don't have the heart to wake up my daughter at 2 in the morning because I want to play - It finally happened - a beautiful storm rolled through - just heavy and hard rain - no thunder and lightning - it was perfect! My side yard fills up with water durning the really hard storms, and makes a perfect yard long puddle -

It didn't matter what we were wearing - mud cleans up - I grabbed her and we went outside. She ran in the rain and twirled, but she wouldn't splash in the puddles or slide on her tummy like a slip-n-slide.

no mud sliding like the days of my youth - but we danced anyway -

Finally in the big puddle around some desperately trying to grow bushes she jumped in the largest puddle we had - and we laughed - at that point the fear of getting her dress dirty (no matter how many times I told her, it was okay) She finally followed me on a good belly slide in the puddle moment -

Joy -

Happiness -

Giggling -

Adventures -

my beautiful princess who likes her dresses pretty and tiara's on her head ended up in a pretty dress in the mud - it was a taste of neverland this summer.

Thanks for visiting and never forget Neverland - it can be anywhere - even in the rain -


Aug 16, 2010

Comfort Food

It is time to tempt the palette on a beautiful Monday morning - I slept with the windows open last night and woke up in the middle of the night feeling like fall is almost here. There was a beautiful chill in the night air - it made me want to take a walk at 3 am - instead I decided to snuggle under the covers and just enjoy the fall night-time feeling.
I have been diligently working on projects, and gathering the words and photos for posts, and in the meantime I have decided to share with you my spur of the moment treat from last night. I didn't think about taking photos of the process until after I was filling my beautiful babies, so I only have a finished product photo. Yum!

I made ├ęclairs and I am including my recipe for you wonderful readers - (it is so simple! just time consuming)
Start by making the shells:
for this you need to preheat the oven to 400 degrees
In a small pot on the stove - heat 1 cup of water and a 1/2 cup a butter till the butter is melted and water is just beginning to boil. Add in 1 cup of flour - Mix and remove from heat - should form a somewhat solid ball while mixing.

At this point add 4 eggs, one at a time. (add an egg, mix until fully blended add the next one)

Spoon onto a baking sheet and cook for anywhere from 25 - 50 minutes depending on your oven. My old oven it would be done around 40- 45 minutes. My new convection oven cooks them in 25 min. (I burned 3 batches before I figured this out)

Pull them out and let them cool on a wire rack - Slice them open, pull out with a fork and gooey-ness still inside and set aside until you are ready to fill them.
For the filling:

I cheat and use lots of pre-made products - anyway beat together 2 (3oz) boxes of instant French Vanilla Pudding with 2 1/4 cups of Milk - then add in 1 (8oz) tub of cool whip. Blend together until thick - I then use a Ziploc bag, fill it full of the filling and cut a corner off and fill the pastry shells - recover the shells and spread on some prepared chocolate frosting to finish them off - Yummy! Yummy!

You will have leftover filling - it is yummy to just eat by itself - I always do -

Keep refrigerated and enjoy!


Aug 13, 2010

Happy Friday the 13th!

I love this day - it is like having a taste of Halloween at any time of the year.

I am sad however that this is the only Friday the 13th this year, until May of 2011 -

I know there is a name for a fear of the day - friggatriskaidekaphobia, but is there a word for those who adore the day?

I love and embrace the day - it is this years early sample of halloween -

So Happy Friday the 13th! and have a taste of Halloween!
~ Bleumoon

Aug 6, 2010

Trinket Journey

Oh me Oh my - I am feeling some blog love - I sign on and I am up to 14 followers!


I don't know where everyone found me, but I think it was all the vodka posts that sucked you in. I guess I have to get on here more often -

Side note - not sure on the blog etiquette for comments, if I want to answer a question in a comment, is it better to comment in the comments or reply in an e-mail?

Now comes the purpose of this post!
Trinket Trade

hosted by the lovely Faerwillow - such a beautiful blog and fun journey!

So I received the beautiful trinket goody box in the mail the other day and played with deciding what to trade with - I will only show what I took so as not to ruin the surprise for anyone else who still gets to pick their goodies!

Isn't it an adorable box?

Here are my goodies - two rings -

And an adorable mushroom ornament -
I can't wait to see how it makes the rest of the journey - I am sending it out tomorrow -