Aug 21, 2010

Second Star to the Right - - -

- - - and straight on till morning ~

I joined this adventure to remind me to play with my daughter and remember the fun of getting dirty. It has gotten me thinking about what I used to do as a child, and what my daughter has been missing out on because I am a paranoid mother and won't let her run around crazy in the yard unless I am watching. Maybe it is because she is 5 years old, and maybe it is because she isn't growing up in yard on 2 acres of land to have those adventures.

Together we finally got to do one of my most favorite activities! We played in the rain and puddles, most of rainstorms this summer have been at night and I just don't have the heart to wake up my daughter at 2 in the morning because I want to play - It finally happened - a beautiful storm rolled through - just heavy and hard rain - no thunder and lightning - it was perfect! My side yard fills up with water durning the really hard storms, and makes a perfect yard long puddle -

It didn't matter what we were wearing - mud cleans up - I grabbed her and we went outside. She ran in the rain and twirled, but she wouldn't splash in the puddles or slide on her tummy like a slip-n-slide.

no mud sliding like the days of my youth - but we danced anyway -

Finally in the big puddle around some desperately trying to grow bushes she jumped in the largest puddle we had - and we laughed - at that point the fear of getting her dress dirty (no matter how many times I told her, it was okay) She finally followed me on a good belly slide in the puddle moment -

Joy -

Happiness -

Giggling -

Adventures -

my beautiful princess who likes her dresses pretty and tiara's on her head ended up in a pretty dress in the mud - it was a taste of neverland this summer.

Thanks for visiting and never forget Neverland - it can be anywhere - even in the rain -



  1. I'm clapping with delight. Dancing in the Rain is one of my favorite activities. Love that your helping your daughter create a wonderful imagination.
    Thank you so much for participating in our Second Star to the Right adventure.


  2. Yes!! My absolute favourite thing to do is to play in the rain! I get odd looks often, as I'm incapable of passing a puddle without stomping right through the middle of it..not a common practice for women my age...

    Your little fairy is glad I stopped by!


  3. Oh what a fun adventure for you both, so glad you were both able to play in the rain, and your daughter got to appreciate mud lol It's raining here right now, but I have no garden, and I refuse to belly flop in the street ;o)


  4. Excellent....playing, fun and adventures shared are what kiddos remember the's good to be structured, mindful and polite and those things will also be treasured but a romp in the rain and mud with Mom will be part of your princesses heart forever. Lucky princess, lucky Mom, lucky us for the reading of it. Thanks for sharing with me and my grands....The Olde Bagg

  5. Visiting the Second Star to the Right entries...

    How delightful! Nothing like letting go and having good, sheer, FUN! Way to Go! Hope you all enjoyed it & made lots of memories!


  6. There's something magickal about running in a rainstorm. I'm glad you and your daughter got to enjoy it!:)

  7. P.S. I'm giving you a blog award. You can check out the rules on my site, copy them and then just do what I did.

    P.S.S. I like your human calendar. :)

  8. Thrilled to report that the fairies choose your name when picking the winner of the 'Believe' Necklace from the Second Star to the right Adventure.

    Please email me your address so we can send it off. fawn at ashbys dot net


  9. Puddles are just sparkles in a group meeting - jumping them spread the sparkles and giggles further. What a wonderful time you both must have had.