Mar 4, 2011

Quick Post

I am alive -

I am crafting -

But I am lacking in posts -

My computer died - the screen just stopped - I was panicked - I hadn't gotten my external hard drive to move all my pictures to - I was hoping they weren't lost - 2 years of photos I hadn't backed up - just left them sitting on my hard drive - - - I know I know - horrible to do - I had always been diligent in the past keeping them backed up and saved -

So I tried various things on my own - finally took the computer back to the store - because we were smart and had gotten a 3 year warranty - (thank god- and we only had 3 months left on it - bought an external hard drive - they did a hard transfer of everything - to do this, they had to pull our hard drive out of our computer and put it into another computer to transfer everything - then they kept my computer for weeks and weeks while they fixed it -

They replaced the hard drive and the motherboard - what this means I am not sure, but it sounds extensive -

I finally get it back -

Go to look at the external hard drive and everything is on it - running programs - internet programs - codes and crap I don't understand - I finally find my pictures through searching every folder that somehow ended up on there - relief - now to organize them again so they aren't every where -

This has frustrated me to no end and I have lost some of my desire to blog, because I am mad at computers - but I have renewed hope in the last week or so - and I plan on coming back soon -