Jun 30, 2010

Sweetie Love

I am so happy that I have gush

When I came home from work the other day, my husband on his day off was finishing up some shelves for my study

- what a sweetie! -

Now I can finally unpack about six cardboard boxes I have been unable to unpack for 5 years.

So happy to have all my books accessible again!

Now I get to unpack all those boxes and fill all this wonderful shelf space! By the way I know I haven't revealed too much about me, but I am obsessive compulsive about my bookshelves- it is a sick sick problem and I am okay with it.

Jun 24, 2010

Vodka Infusion - Part One

I am hosting a vodka infusion party at my house in July and I can not wait for it! Last night I finally began my vodka infusion, I have looked all around and thought long and hard and I am creating my own flavor. Can’t find instructions for this flavor anywhere, so I am winging it from two different directions and combining it into one. Fingers crossed that this works.

I am making Chocolate Raspberry Vodka

I have found instructions for Chocolate, Chocolate Mint and Chocolate Caramel, but can you believe it - No Chocolate Raspberry – It sounds divine!

My supplies:

I began my infusion last evening; most instructions say it can take between two weeks to a month to fully infuse the chocolate flavor. Since the party is on the 24th, I hope this finishes in time. So lets start with the chocolate process (part two will go into the raspberry process)

I decided on the Cocoa Powder route, though you can use cocoa beans.

For every 750 ml of vodka you put in 1 cup of cocoa powder. Stir or shake to combine.

Place container in a cool, dark area. Each week shake it again. Look at it less than 12 hours later, such a neat separation of ingredients.

I can't wait to begin the taste testing. Just in case this doesn't work, I am making a back up flavor - Blueberry vanilla - if I have two one is bound to turn out right? Now I still need to decide on the prizes - - -


Jun 18, 2010

An Altered Alter Treat

I love sticks and collecting sticks - especially ones with neat angles and curves, but just to have a stick or two up in my alter display is sometimes not enough. Last night I felt that way and decided to change up my display. So I came up with this new design. All you need are some fun willow branches, fake flower blossoms, hot glue and a pretty vase. (mine was from my wedding)

This was a spur of the moment craft and for once I remembered to grab my camera and take pictures, so here we go.

Take your stem of fake flowers and pull off the blossoms
arrange your willow branches in the vase in the arrangement you like (I had to put a rubber band on mine to hold them in the right spot) Then take your hot glue and glue the flower blossoms all over the willow branches.

I am very happy with my end result, it looks nice that the neighbors won't wonder why I have sticks everywhere and it has my earth element covered.

Jun 17, 2010

Vacation and New Beginnings

Home Again
Tuesday we get back from an extended weekend camping trip and whether it is 3 days or 7 days the laundry feels like it is the same amount - a never ending pile. The trip was not one of the best we had, but I am thankful for finally having a pop-up camper again because it rained and rained and rained - the whole time! In a tent we would have been miserable - at least we were able to get off of the ground and dry out a bit at night. So after two long days of cleaning up from a 3 day camping trip, my life is feeling a little more like a routine, however it has become a new routine.
My sweet little girl started summer school this year, a getting ready for kindergarten class for 5-year-old's. She is handling it like a champ - when I take her to school at the big kid school (summer school is in our middle school building) all I get from her is a quick peck on the lips and she sits down to do her work. Not even giving me my moment to fuss and cry over her. I am so proud. Then she gets to ride on the bus all by herself to daycare. She even reminds the teacher she needs to be on bus 'E' so she gets to the correct place. Yep she is ready for kindergarten.

So know I am hoping my life becomes a more controlled environment, starting summer hours at work means I get half days on Friday. Which is nice to have because that gives me time to take some of the strain and running around from Saturday and Sunday that I always have to do. Finally I am planning and prepping a lot of fun things to do for Halloween - starting my list of supplies I need to make some new decorations this year, and I really can't wait for apple picking!

(Picture from 2008)
My favorite! Then I make a huge batch of apple pie filling! I have the best recipe to make a bunch and freeze, then just thaw and bake a fresh pie when you are busy at Christmas. The hardest part is over - peeling and slicing and you don't stress so much about an apple pie. That reminds me - I still have two left in the freezer. Hmmm. . . apple pie or crisp sounds so yummy right now! I will make sure to share the recipe when we get closer to making a huge batch!

Jun 3, 2010

How I Put A Little Piratitude Into My Day

Pirate Hair Beads

Now I know this isn't a 'witchy' themed craft and I am okay with that - but it is a fun craft my daughter and I have done for a pirate festival that I attend. It is a nice subtle way to give my outfit the little bit of pirate flair I like.
Plus it is subtle and doesn't weigh down my hair and is easy to remove.

I found the basic information at this fun site called Bellaonline but I have changed the items slightly to accommodate what I had around the house. The basic supplies needed are hair clips the easiest ones to use will have a little hole in the front

But I have also done these with bobby pins, however the beads strings can slide off of those. You will also need an assortment of beads and other fun things to include

You can keep the hair accessory to a certain theme or just have a random design.
Don't forget string of sorts, if you want to have it to just showcase the beads, I have found that fishing line works the best, but you can also use embroidery floss and braid it at times to have some colors show through. It is entirely up to you.

My finished project is shown below - fun and simple, you can change it up to fit your outfit, color coordinate or just have some random fun in your hair.

Thanks for visiting!


Jun 1, 2010

Lists - and a sinus infection

Hello - I have had a lot of intentions of starting some of my crafts - but haven't been able to bring myself out of the depths of a sinus infection. Lost my voice - constant coughing - it has been a terrible week. I do plan on starting soon and I even have come up with a list of projects -working on getting some nice pictures taken of the process for each craft -

Here is my list of ideas-
Making a Broom
Garden Stakes or Plant Markers
Charm Bag
Jewelry Medallions
Dream Catchers
Infusion Party (just something I am doing in July - not witchey related)
Bottle Decorating
Alter Items
Halloween - and anything I end up coming up with during that craft making season
Making your own Book of Shadows
Homemade Journals /Sketchbooks
Trick or Drink (another fun party planning idea)
Wall Hangings
Leaf Flower Prints
Christmas crafts
and so many other things just bouncing around in my head - I think I am going to have to set a day of the week and dedicate it to doing my blog -

Now if only I can learn how to make it more functional.