Jun 18, 2010

An Altered Alter Treat

I love sticks and collecting sticks - especially ones with neat angles and curves, but just to have a stick or two up in my alter display is sometimes not enough. Last night I felt that way and decided to change up my display. So I came up with this new design. All you need are some fun willow branches, fake flower blossoms, hot glue and a pretty vase. (mine was from my wedding)

This was a spur of the moment craft and for once I remembered to grab my camera and take pictures, so here we go.

Take your stem of fake flowers and pull off the blossoms
arrange your willow branches in the vase in the arrangement you like (I had to put a rubber band on mine to hold them in the right spot) Then take your hot glue and glue the flower blossoms all over the willow branches.

I am very happy with my end result, it looks nice that the neighbors won't wonder why I have sticks everywhere and it has my earth element covered.

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