Oct 29, 2010

Floating Eyeball Ice Cubes -

I didn't forget about posting my how- to's ended up with the stomach flu about mid-week and still playing catch-up.
I was having a hard time coming up with a spooky shot to have for my "Drink" with my Trick or Drink party - I decided to go with a quick cocktail since the party starts at my house and then moves on so everyone can have a drink while we wait for the guests to arrive - sit down, let me get you something to tempt you taste buds - - -
To spook it up a bit I made eyeballs -

To make these spooky eyeballs all you need are radishes and olives, with the pits -
Take a radish and cut off the bottom to make it flat, then core out a hole to stuff the olive in -
Finally peel that radish leaving some red showing through
so the eyeball looks blood shot. Stuff the olive in
then place in ice cube tray - add water and freeze -

Now I didn't have an ice cube tray that would fit the radishes nicely and I didn't want to trim them down, so I improvised - which is what everyone should do - improvising can usually make something better (especially with crafts) So I placed mine in a mini muffin pan to place in the freezer - They fit perfectly and now I have ice cube eyeballs for my cocktails!

Don't they look devilishly delightful?

Enjoy - soon to follow is the worms and cauldron how to's -
Now I do have a disclaimer - I am not a fan of radishes or olives, and as the icecube melted it did reveal a smell and taste - so this would work better in a bloody mary, where a radish and an olive would make sense in the drink.

Have a Great Halloween! Trick or Treat is coming on Sunday! I have to give my tiny town credit - no matter the day - Trick or Treat will always be on the 31st, at night - Growing up, it was always on a Sunday at 1pm - glad my daughter gets to go out at night - more fun that way -


Oct 23, 2010

Tea Party Under the Full Moon

Here is an early peak at my party preparations:
Enjoy the adventure -

The moon is just begining to to get full - only a week to go -

The leaves are starting to turn - You approach the house - it is weird to have a graveyard so close to the door -

You knock - a voice within whispers - come in -slowly you enter and look around -

You see a cluster of brooms by the door and begin to wonder where everyone is -

Speciman jars line the tables -

What is on that table over there - what could be bubbling in the cauldron

Could it be the eyeballs over that I found over here?

I think it may be a little of the snake oil, and what is bubbling in that bottle back there?

The table is set we are ready to dine - on worms?

Wait - I found a little girl - she really likes the worms -

My drink is poured -
mmm - bloody eyeball cocktail -

Lets keep the cauldron stirring and part on a sweet note -

Thank you for visiting - now to finish up for my full moon party! The recipes pictured in here will be available in the next week once I get them posted -
Thank you for visiting from Frosted Petunias - and I hope to finalize some of this once the party is over and I plan to have a follow up post or two -
Before you go I am asking for some bloggy blessings to be sent my way - With the power of full moon and the power of Halloween I am trying to get pregnant again and I have my midnight ritual planned, but I could you some blessings for success.

Oct 8, 2010

Halloween Tea Party

I would like to extend a formal invitation
(actual invitation that went out to the party guests this year)
to join me in my Full Moon Halloween Party
- the actual party post will be on Sunday for those following from Frosted Petunia's wonderful party -
thank you for joining me from there!
So grab your best hat -
put on your favorite striped socks
and join me for a most magical evening!
In the next week I will be bringing you some how-tos for some wonderfully delicious treats we will enjoy that evening!
Grab your brooms and we are off!

Oct 2, 2010

Tea Party Under the Full Moon

I have decided to join in the wonderful Tea Party going ono at Frosted Petunias beautiful blog - I will be adding my annual Trick or Drink post to her beautiful tea party all of which are happening on the full moon this year!
A most magical party - that I will now share with everyone! Thank you and I look forward to sharing this wonderful party and celebration of Halloween and the full moon with everyone!
~ bleumoon

Oct 1, 2010

Happy October!

I am so excited October is here - but I am so behind! I just wanted to say a Happy October! Hoping to post some more crafts soon!