Jul 27, 2010

. . . I am not missing - I promise

I don't know what I was thinking this month - I said yes to too many things and now I am behind. I don't have a post for my journal

- sorry - I really need to work on that.

I haven't done any witchy crafts lately either.

I am getting excited for the Trinket Trade box that I signed up to participate in to arrive so I can swap out some trinkets and send it on its way.

My full life and focus has been my Vodka Infusion party I just had on Saturday

- and it was so much fun! Now I am planning next years infusion party -

(look at this wonderful lineup of beverages)

For next year we are having a Rum Infusion party and I am trying to convince the attendees that they will all want to dress up as pirates!

Then I can have it in September for Talk Like a Pirate Day - Rum and Pirates it is self explanatory isn't it?

But for now my focus is planning my Halloween Party / Trick or Drink event - go door to door for the participating houses, adults get a shot, kids get candy; afterwards any leftover drinks are brought over and we have an after party at my house with food and fun for the whole neighborhood. I am working on a number of decorations for my house this year - hoping to post some of the process soon.

However I do have a picture of a craft I did just work on - you see I made the trophies myself for the infusion prizes category, kinda cheesey but I liked them. All it was is a neat glass I found at Target glued onto a crafty papered mod podged block of wood, sanded and distressed to give it a little character.

Thanks for visiting!

Jul 19, 2010

I am a terrible blogger - I have been meaning to post more often and include more in my blog, but my summer life is just unending - I am still working on my vodka infusion for my party on Saturday which is coming up way too fast and I don't even have my menu finished or my house clean or my vodka party prizes decided on - I had so many plans for this and I am running out of time. YIKES!
I never know what to say or if what I say is worth posting about, and I am terrible about getting my pictures onto the computer. But I did want to send out a quick little note I haven't forgotten my Journaling in July, but I am way behind on it. I am excited for my first ever participating event and it is a Trinket Trade! Oh I get to dig through - all my wonderful goodies I collect and save and say I will use and never use. Now I can send them out into the world -
Well this post was just a quick post to let you know I am still here and I will be back with more substance filled posts!
Have a great week!

Jul 15, 2010

Journaling in July

So I took an existing book and painted the cover and I started distressing and painting the pages for my journal -

However I can't believe I have been neglecting my posting - so now it is catching up time.

I started my journal and I am stepping out of my comfort zone, but it will be great! I wasn't planning a theme, but it seems to be containing thoughts and ideas for Halloween -

When I took the old book to transform it, the first step was the hardest, but once I started I couldn't take it back and it was completely therapeutic! I like the one I picked because it is a comfortable size to carry around with me, which is what I wanted out of my jouranl. By picking a bound book I can not add more pages, and it is a smaller sized book, but I have an idea on how I am going to work that in. I have glued in extra long paper and fold it in to create a fold out page for more information. This is so much fun!

I am doing this in watercolors, I felt it would hold up on the pages better. I have glued some pages together to make them more sturdy, but I don't want to end up using too heavy of a paint and having the page fall completely apart. I do have a problem going right over the text, that I keep gluing distressed blank pages on top of the text - I will try to have the text peek through I promise, but it has been hard. It has also been hard getting back into being artsy, I haven't painted in a long time, so I did simple backgrounds with pictures I had found that remind me of Halloween or inspire me for something. I am also doodling and writing down ideas. Thanks for visiting!

~ Bleumoon

Jul 8, 2010

Retractable Fangs

Alright I just stumbled on this great giveaway going on over at Ravens Barrow it seemed so cool I had to send out some bloggy-love for it!(Bloggy is that even a word?)

How fun would it be to win a pair of retractable fangs! So go on over to the blog and check out all the cool information and the sweet giveaway!

Good luck


Jul 6, 2010

Vodka Vodka and More Vodka

My vodka is coming along fine - I tasted it the other day and it isn't ready, but it is ready for the second ingredient -

Now I am hoping that the raspberries add enough sweetness on their own so I don't have to add the simple sugar that the chocolate one called for, but if that is not the case, the simple sugar is added at the end anyway and isn't infused into the flavor (no straining required)

Now all that is left is for me to come up with prizes -

The categories are:
Best Overall Flavor - Most Unusual Ingredient -
Best Presentation - Best Vodka Name

I really don't know what to do for prizes yet -so I guess I am spending some of my free time just wandering around some stores to get ideas -

Jul 1, 2010

Journaling in July

So I am participating with the wonderful blog The Whimsical Cottage with her Jouranling in July journey - how is that for an alliteration: Check it out right here: http://thewhimsicalcottage.blogspot.com/2010/06/journaling-in-july-will-you-be-joining.html

Anyway, I am doing this for a number of reasons, the main one being that I am hoping to stop my procrastination. Not only will this get me started on the number of journal books I have bought over the years and haven't used, but it will also renew my creative juices which have been sorely lacking lately. Just look at my choices of unused journal options -

But I am stumped as to which book to use. I will see how I feel when I start, but I have narrowed it down to these four. I am intrigued to try her journal technique of using an old book, but I am bibliophile, and I am cringing about it. Though I have found one that would be fun to use as seen in the picture. I think mine will be a journal of randomness and anything and everything. Limiting myself will make it harder for me to do.

I can't wait to see what I can come up with and how everyone else is doing with this challenge.
Thanks for listening