May 20, 2010


So I have finally started my blog - this will definitely be a learning experience and an adventure. I have been following blogs for a little while now taking it all in and figuring it out and I hope someday to never end up on Blog of Abandon. Life being what it is, it could happen.

My goal with this is to take my solitary studies and reach out to the community with things that I do to subtly bring a little 'craft' into my crafts. I am still in the broom closet as the saying goes and I am happy there. It is my special place and my peaceful time with no one intruding or judging. I know my husband would be okay with this, however I like being a bit of a mystery. I loosely bring it up in the form of blessings and charms around my dear husband and daughter and he likes the results of my efforts - So though my lifestyle sometimes clashes with my beliefs - I try to always maintain my true quiet me moments.

So I am creating this blog as an outlet, however keeping myself a little bit of a mystery. With this blog I am taking crafts and giving them a witchy twist or maybe it will be a craft that you find a witchy use for. So sit a spell (hee hee) and enjoy what I will present - I hope I don't bore you and you decide to stay. . .

Now that this is out here . . .I am so nervous. . . however I am going to let my thoughts and adventures take me where they may.

Enjoy the journey!