Oct 13, 2011

My Twins Have Arrived

Happy Happy -

My babies are here - two boys born October 7, 2011.

Sean Alexander weighed in at 6lbs 3oz - 19 inches and Nicholas Ryan weighed in at 6lbs - 18.5 inches. Both are doing well and happy and home with me. They arrived at 35 weeks 5 days - a little early but no need for the NICU.

So once I get a routine under control I am hoping to be crafting again - - -

My early Halloween Babies!


Jun 10, 2011

A Temporary Goodbye -

I have decided that I miss blogging, but what I really want to do is talk about my pregancy and babies - I have started a new blog and you can find it here: http://twicethemonkeymadness.blogspot.com/ if you want to hear all about baby and pregnancy stuff and my adventures through this twin world - yikes -
When life settles down I will be back with some crafts - but in the meantime this blog will go more silent than it has - Sorry for that - life got in the way of crafting - with the twins coming, I will become an at home mom and hopefully I will have my schedule down in a year. Thank you - and I will see you when I see you!
bleumoon -

Apr 1, 2011

Missing in Action

Sorry I have been mia - again - really this blog has become excuse after excuse -

But I am bursting with news - back in October I had asked for thoughts and blessings to get pregnant -

Way to go! I am 8 weeks along and too many blessings happened that I am pregnant with twins!

I am so overwhelmed but I wanted to explain my absence, once I calm down and I can handle this with ease I am going to try to find a routine again - but I am sure life will keep pushing it away - I want to craft to relax - but I am sick too much - now that I know it is twins I am also nervous, and happy and scared and excited and so many other bouncing emotions -

But I did want to thank everyone for the kind words back in October -

and let you know - since I love Halloween so much - these twins have a due date of Nov 7th, which means they will probably come out closer to Halloween - yay! ! !


Mar 4, 2011

Quick Post

I am alive -

I am crafting -

But I am lacking in posts -

My computer died - the screen just stopped - I was panicked - I hadn't gotten my external hard drive to move all my pictures to - I was hoping they weren't lost - 2 years of photos I hadn't backed up - just left them sitting on my hard drive - - - I know I know - horrible to do - I had always been diligent in the past keeping them backed up and saved -

So I tried various things on my own - finally took the computer back to the store - because we were smart and had gotten a 3 year warranty - (thank god- and we only had 3 months left on it - bought an external hard drive - they did a hard transfer of everything - to do this, they had to pull our hard drive out of our computer and put it into another computer to transfer everything - then they kept my computer for weeks and weeks while they fixed it -

They replaced the hard drive and the motherboard - what this means I am not sure, but it sounds extensive -

I finally get it back -

Go to look at the external hard drive and everything is on it - running programs - internet programs - codes and crap I don't understand - I finally find my pictures through searching every folder that somehow ended up on there - relief - now to organize them again so they aren't every where -

This has frustrated me to no end and I have lost some of my desire to blog, because I am mad at computers - but I have renewed hope in the last week or so - and I plan on coming back soon -



Feb 1, 2011

Lost in Winter

I realize, January came and went without a sound from me - I have excuses which are boring and not necessary - I have hope that it will get better, and I will get better at posting more often. I will probably be stuck at home tomorrow with the big blizzard hitting the midwest. Hard to get snow days in Wisconsin when you are used to the crappy weather, but 20 or so inches finally means a day off of work.

But no photos to post because my computer took a dive about two weeks ago - and yay for it still being under a warranty, because they had to replace the hard drive - (all my pictures are on an external hard drive right now - I hope) but I won't be getting my computer back until the weekend at the earliest - - - but I can craft and have fun and catch up on all my little projects.

I have been working on a set of runes, some more of my paper mache halloween decorations, trying to make a decent flapper dress for my Rum party on the 19th - (I went with a roaring 20's rum runner party) and I have created a journal using the steps found at Heathers Custom Sewing - I am liking it, but again - no hope for pictures.

So finally an update from me in my little cold and windy and snowy part of world -

enjoy the weather wherever you are!