Jul 27, 2010

. . . I am not missing - I promise

I don't know what I was thinking this month - I said yes to too many things and now I am behind. I don't have a post for my journal

- sorry - I really need to work on that.

I haven't done any witchy crafts lately either.

I am getting excited for the Trinket Trade box that I signed up to participate in to arrive so I can swap out some trinkets and send it on its way.

My full life and focus has been my Vodka Infusion party I just had on Saturday

- and it was so much fun! Now I am planning next years infusion party -

(look at this wonderful lineup of beverages)

For next year we are having a Rum Infusion party and I am trying to convince the attendees that they will all want to dress up as pirates!

Then I can have it in September for Talk Like a Pirate Day - Rum and Pirates it is self explanatory isn't it?

But for now my focus is planning my Halloween Party / Trick or Drink event - go door to door for the participating houses, adults get a shot, kids get candy; afterwards any leftover drinks are brought over and we have an after party at my house with food and fun for the whole neighborhood. I am working on a number of decorations for my house this year - hoping to post some of the process soon.

However I do have a picture of a craft I did just work on - you see I made the trophies myself for the infusion prizes category, kinda cheesey but I liked them. All it was is a neat glass I found at Target glued onto a crafty papered mod podged block of wood, sanded and distressed to give it a little character.

Thanks for visiting!


  1. Are those orange slices in that pitcher? Did you just mix them in with vodka, or did you add other ingredients?

    I had a boss once that made pineapple vodka for a work party. It was strong stuff and most people didn't go for more than half a shot. Afterward, she was offering people pineapple slices. None of us thought twice that they were EXTREMELY alcoholic b/c my boss was popping them in her mouth like chips. Big surprise for us when several of us ate three at a time.

  2. ~vodka infusion party...sounds like great fun...wish i could join the rum one...l♥ve the trophies!! i too am patiently awaiting the trinket trade box to come back home...it has been exciting watching it travel about!

  3. Vodka infusion party....very intriguing concept....I could certainly go for some infused watermelon about right now.
    Hey girl, I put two of my favorite obsessions in the box and added to the other fabulous trinkets that were left when I took my rock and my earrings out. This is too much fun. There's a surprise in the box. At least I was surprised. No one warned me....so I ain't a warning you none neither.....hehehehe. Have fun. I mailed the box at 2:12pm today so it should be in you hot little hands real soon. The Olde Bagg also known as Linda

  4. Sounds like a lot of fun!!

    How about a tequila infusion party lol?