Jun 24, 2010

Vodka Infusion - Part One

I am hosting a vodka infusion party at my house in July and I can not wait for it! Last night I finally began my vodka infusion, I have looked all around and thought long and hard and I am creating my own flavor. Can’t find instructions for this flavor anywhere, so I am winging it from two different directions and combining it into one. Fingers crossed that this works.

I am making Chocolate Raspberry Vodka

I have found instructions for Chocolate, Chocolate Mint and Chocolate Caramel, but can you believe it - No Chocolate Raspberry – It sounds divine!

My supplies:

I began my infusion last evening; most instructions say it can take between two weeks to a month to fully infuse the chocolate flavor. Since the party is on the 24th, I hope this finishes in time. So lets start with the chocolate process (part two will go into the raspberry process)

I decided on the Cocoa Powder route, though you can use cocoa beans.

For every 750 ml of vodka you put in 1 cup of cocoa powder. Stir or shake to combine.

Place container in a cool, dark area. Each week shake it again. Look at it less than 12 hours later, such a neat separation of ingredients.

I can't wait to begin the taste testing. Just in case this doesn't work, I am making a back up flavor - Blueberry vanilla - if I have two one is bound to turn out right? Now I still need to decide on the prizes - - -



  1. Wow, Gal! I think your blog is my favorite yet!! We newbee's MUST stick together and I wish I was closer so I could come to YOUR party!!
    I am a follower for sure! Thank you for visiting me!

    Kit from Paperkitz

  2. Hey Thanks! Now I really have to keep this blog going - I am up to two followers! Oh the pressures - :)

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