Jun 1, 2010

Lists - and a sinus infection

Hello - I have had a lot of intentions of starting some of my crafts - but haven't been able to bring myself out of the depths of a sinus infection. Lost my voice - constant coughing - it has been a terrible week. I do plan on starting soon and I even have come up with a list of projects -working on getting some nice pictures taken of the process for each craft -

Here is my list of ideas-
Making a Broom
Garden Stakes or Plant Markers
Charm Bag
Jewelry Medallions
Dream Catchers
Infusion Party (just something I am doing in July - not witchey related)
Bottle Decorating
Alter Items
Halloween - and anything I end up coming up with during that craft making season
Making your own Book of Shadows
Homemade Journals /Sketchbooks
Trick or Drink (another fun party planning idea)
Wall Hangings
Leaf Flower Prints
Christmas crafts
and so many other things just bouncing around in my head - I think I am going to have to set a day of the week and dedicate it to doing my blog -

Now if only I can learn how to make it more functional.

1 comment:

  1. how awful...hope you feel better soon. it's good to make lists. my halloween craft season is just about to start!