Jun 3, 2010

How I Put A Little Piratitude Into My Day

Pirate Hair Beads

Now I know this isn't a 'witchy' themed craft and I am okay with that - but it is a fun craft my daughter and I have done for a pirate festival that I attend. It is a nice subtle way to give my outfit the little bit of pirate flair I like.
Plus it is subtle and doesn't weigh down my hair and is easy to remove.

I found the basic information at this fun site called Bellaonline but I have changed the items slightly to accommodate what I had around the house. The basic supplies needed are hair clips the easiest ones to use will have a little hole in the front

But I have also done these with bobby pins, however the beads strings can slide off of those. You will also need an assortment of beads and other fun things to include

You can keep the hair accessory to a certain theme or just have a random design.
Don't forget string of sorts, if you want to have it to just showcase the beads, I have found that fishing line works the best, but you can also use embroidery floss and braid it at times to have some colors show through. It is entirely up to you.

My finished project is shown below - fun and simple, you can change it up to fit your outfit, color coordinate or just have some random fun in your hair.

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