Sep 2, 2010

Making my decorative Broom/Besom

Well I decided to try my hand at making a not quite fully traditional besom, but at least one I have made - I have done the research, and this website seems to be the easiest to understand. However - I am not able to be that traditional (official ash stick and birch branches etc) without drawing myself out of the closet with my husband more than I want too - he is fine with little things, and won't question too much - so I keep it low key with what I do. So in the spirit of that, I compromise, and have fun, without ordering special supplies, or driving to far away places to find exactly what I need. I am making it more for me and for decoration purposes than it being a functional besom.

So I have been hiking and walking and looking and stalking for interesting
things on my solitary adventures

and adventures with my lovely little daughter

I only want to find what is laying on the ground, not something I cut down. I always say thank you and leave little offerings, I am a fan of having water with me on my walks and tend to just use that, because I know it will not hurt the earth, and so many things can use water. I also tend to have crackers and granola bars with me as well. Another simple way to give a blessing to the earth.

Anyway - back to my besom/ or broom - since it isn't for practice, I may just refer to it as a broom. I like brooms around, and you can always take a cheesy store bought one from Halloween and just jazz it up, which is easy to do at this time of the year. Michael's already has them for sale and I have already been unable to restrain myself there. . .

So with your store bought broom - a simple way to make it more yours is to decorate with ribbons and charms.

I am so in love with little keys right now

I kn
ow they don't open anything, but I always feel that they can unlock so many things in your mind - opening up your creative juices. For me they are my symbol to unlock my creative process. I have added them to my favorite talisman necklaces that I wear too - to remind me to keep my creative mind open and unlocked - how was that for a thought tangent. (by the way I usually tangent when I talk and I like to tangent when I write too)

But back to making one from what you find outdoors - or in my case some of what I found inside too
- Here is the fun lumpy bumpy stick I finally decided was broom worthy -

I then sanded off all the bark and trimmed off some the branch knots to smooth it out, and I began the fun process of adding the decorative grass from one of my decorations I currently have. My cats and daughter are constantly pulling this vase apart, and playing with the grasses, that I am redo-ing what will be displayed, so I decided to recycle the gras
s into this project.

Begin by tying small sections of the grass together with twine, and then tie the sections around the stick forgot to take some photos of the step by step process - I used a little hot glue (my best friend) just to make it stay together a little better. Viola!

Again embellish with charms and ribbons if you would like. I haven't embellished yet, but I may decorate it up a bit soon.


Now that I am winding down with my outdoor activities, I can get caught up on all I have been collecting and saving to create with - I love to use recycled goodies in my creations - I think the next few posts will be about my Halloween decorations I am creating this year - I am trying - I use the word trying very loosely - to make a cauldron with paper mache, because I don't like what I find in the stores, and I don't have the money to buy a nice one - we will see how it turns out - whether it does or doesn't I may just post the results regardless - until next time!

Blessings -



  1. ~i just picked up one at our local thrift store!! i l♥ve them too...this was a wonderful adventure and creation you have shared...i think i shall put this on my list of to dos with my littles...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  2. I love brooms too... =D
    This one you made is just wonderful! Hope you're having a wonderful week! ^-^

  3. That's beautiful! I have mine hanging by our front door with green ribbon around it for good health.

  4. i love sticks and brooms, your craft is delightful! just wanted to say hi and thank you for joining me at design witch! looking forward to seeing more of your halloween crafts, peace and love, chella

  5. hi! i got the plates from: Grandinroad go check out their online catalog. it is great!!!

  6. That is really neat and I may have to try it out. I love the song on your profile, my son is asking me to keep your blog up in the back ground so he can hear the monster mash over and over. LOL. I am your newest follower. Stop in and follow me. Maybe list your blog on my Best blogging spots.

  7. Yours is very lovely and I really love the way you did it. It has given me some wonderful ideas. In the past I actually wanted my everyday items like wooden spoons and my wooden handle broom to be used so I took a regular wooden handle store-bought broom and used my wood-burning wand and creating a swirling pattern with leaves, pentacles and acorns. I also put her name in runes. Now she is used everyday and reminds me to be mindful of my Craft in the kitchen. - WG