Dec 9, 2010

Thoughts about Blogging

I have got the blogging blues these days – I don’t know what to post – never feel like it is good enough, or if I want to post a project and I go to look at my photos – I have forgotten to take any photos, I only have the final picture and that isn’t very helpful for a how-to post –

So because of my blogging blues I have been silent – and thinking about the purpose of my blog – do I keep it completely focused on being a craft blog or do I add too it and spice it up. I am getting sucked back into reading, and reading a new book every two days – it is tough to tear myself away from the books and I am devouring book blogging sites and losing my crafty pagan muse - - - winter is hard for me, I love to walk and be outside, but when the snow starts falling I start to hibernate – I don’t get as inspired anymore and I don’t want to abandon my blogging community – I love this – but I don’t know what to do about my slumps. Do you care about my scrapbooking? It isn’t pagan now – but maybe this winter I will finally get my Book of Shadows out of a slew of messy papers and into something nice and organized – Hmmm – that is nice idea – I am glad we could work this out together –

My artsy book of Shadows – that will be my hibernation project – happiness! I feel better now that I have a plan -



  1. HUgs..wishing many sparkles sweep away the bloggin blues!! Just be from your heart..share what you like..when you like! I love whatever you is truly about connection..and i look forward to seeing what people are up to big or small..just shine and enjoy! I go in phases too..sometimes i blog alot sometimes I take a break! Sometime i just post a photo ..that's it. I hope the blues turn into sparkling-rainbows for you soon again..and you create as you wish!!
    Shine on

  2. Hey, no worries, bleu. I think January sneaks up on everyone. :)