Nov 22, 2010

Hello Again

Just wanted to stop in a say a quick hello - I have been missing my blog and reading other blogs - thought I would do a quick update! I am still here - super super busy, and not likely to find time any time soon, but I keep trying and hoping to find some time.

I love the holidays, but always feel so rushed - got to see the New Harry Potter movie this weekend - yep I am a dork and I love being one! It was great! It is bitter sweet about the two part thing to me though - I am super happy they did that because I feel that it will be a more complete telling of the book (and so far so good) however it sucks that I now have until July to see the second part - but I can't wait!

So this was my quick photo free update, now it is time to catch up on about 2 weeks worth of blog reading - I will let you know when I surface again - wish me luck.



  1. Lovely update! I am a harry potter kindred so I am a dork too I guess ha ha!Wishing you Happy Holidays and sparkles always.

  2. Hope your Thanksgiving went well! And I hope you get the chance to relax during the holidays this year. Sounds like you're swamped with stuff!