Sep 21, 2010

Updates on my Halloween Creations

I know I am so behind on my posts! I have been working on my tombstones, finalizing the painting, so not quite ready to post, but here are a few teaser pictures of things I have been working on to hold you over. I will explain more about the tombstones in a post dedicated to my tombstone process.

I am continuing on my paper mache cauldron, the cardboard base structure turned out better than I thought - no teaser photos yet, I want to keep the suspension up -

Finalized most of my fencing, I have to do some additional painting and then figure out how to set it up in the yard so it doesn't fall over. Our damn windy neighborhood poses a lot of problems sometimes.

I really didn't leave you faithful readers, I have been crafting and creating in my lab these last few weeks!

Happy Haunting - and have a blessed Mabon!

~ Bleumoon

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