Apr 10, 2013

Harry Potter Party Part 2 - Potions Class

So after all the littles ran downstairs - and the epic craziness left my main level. My babies can now run free - two 14 month old boys did not like the chaos that 8-year-old's bring. I was able to breath and clean up - get food finished and get the pizza  - I have learned to keep it simple with food - 5 course meals never cut it for kid parties -

The party guests got to play with potions -

They got a manual to take home and they enjoyed the fun of watching potions bubble and brew.

To prepare for this part - I planned out a bunch of science experiments and made a cute little book for the kids to take home.

We only did two of the lessons (the manual had eight total)  they could try more at home - (tip - practice it first to see if it works, mine flopped) kids still liked it - but it didn't turn out right.

So I prepped and planned and made a plethora of jars for all the ingredients to be in during the day of the party.

Set up the table.  They loved it! success to part two -

This was followed by lunch - and cauldron cupcakes - which was talked about at my Tea Party but I never had my follow up post. Oh fooey - I better get on that too.  Super easy and super chocolatey to eat. A must for any witchy kitchen. :)

Final post will be next - A Horcrux Hunt for the activity with lots of crafting for the prizes.



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